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Monday, November 30, 2015

New Life Spell for the New Year

Have you ever thought to yourself “Why me?” Have you ever felt like you have just
been dealt a bad hand and wish that things could be different? Our coven has
perfected the “new life” spell. This is the strongest spell that we have ever developed and
has proven to work very well. This is a 7 NIGHT casting. The more nights cast,
the better. This is because the more nights cast the more energy that is put out
there for the spell. The more energy that is put out there the stronger the
results will be.

The new life spell is completely customized.  We design the spell around your
exact needs. The elements that we can add to this spell are (but not limited
  • Love life. Whether it is an old love that you lost, or a new love that you seek
    we can change your love life completely around. The person that you target will
    be more in love with you then you ever could of imagined. This person will have
    the desire to please you and make you happy. They will be faithful, loyal and
    also have very good open communication with you. Binding can go into this as
    well. Your partner will have the desire to marry you if this is what you wish.

  • Work life. Whether you want a promotion at your job, a pay increase, or all
    together want to find a new job that makes you happy this is the element in the
    spell that will make this happen for you.

  • Luck. Get luck on your side. You will all around have good luck, and good
    energy. If you like playing the lottery or if you like to gamble luck will
    definitely be on your side to come across some big winnings.

  • Curse removal and protection spell. This will eliminate any curses, bad luck,
    bad karma, or bad energy around you. This will also replace any negative energy
    around you with positive energy. After all, that is what our spells are made of.
    Positive energy. The more positive energy around you, the better you will feel
    AND the better the results.

Our new life spell is sure to get you to where you feel you deserve to be. In
every aspect of life. Your love life, your financial stability, your work life,
and most importantly your all around happiness. This spell has a very high
success rate and has changed people’s lives for the better. They are happier and
are where they need to be in life.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Returning a Lover, Binding and Obsession Spell that Works

Are you feeling like your relationship is falling apart? Do you feel like the only thing you want in the world is how your relationship "used to be" or "has the potential to be?" Are you so madly in love with your partner it seems like he/she is the key to your happiness? Well, look no further because our coven has come up with and mastered the spell for you. At, we can do a customized spell that will make your love life be everything that you have ever wanted and then some. Our Coven has come up with a way to combine a Return a Lover, Binding, and Obsession spell that is making couples become "Power Couples." The love is stronger then ever, the trust is returned to form, and you will literally feel inseparable.

Our Coven takes pride in our spells which have a phenomenal success rate. We make sure our spells work before releasing them on to the general public. This spell in specific is now one of our most powerful spells available to date. The feedback we receive has been amazing. Just today (which was the inspiration behind this blog post) we received an e-mail from a client that wanted nothing more then for her husband to stop their divorce process. She ordered the customized love spell and 3 weeks later her husband called her and asked her to go to dinner with him. She agreed, and he showed up with the divorce papers only to rip them up, and asked her for a fresh start. She told us that they are now so happy, and more in love then ever. They are renewing their vows this summer and they couldn't be more ecstatic! The journey that she went through was worth it because she knew in her heart of all hearts that he was her soul mate and key to her happiness.

With this spell in particular, the combination of returning a lover, binding them together permanently and adding obsession not only helped them resolve any issues that were keeping them apart, but it also made them both value their relationship more. The binding aspect of this spell caused them both to feel confident that they were with their one true love. The obsession caused him to realize that he can not live we return lover aspect reminded him how much he missed the relationship in general.

For more information on our coven and how we can help you fix a relationship visit