Monday, February 16, 2015

Explanation of Combining Spells - Love Spells, Money Spells, Binding Spells and Curse Removals

Combined Spells

What is unique about our coven is we have been working and have mastered the art of putting some of our spells together.This not only makes the energy of the spell more powerful, it will also give you faster, stronger results. Our Coven has mastered the combining of the spells and have established a perfect success rate. Listed below are some of our most effective combined spells.

Love and Binding Combination Spell

Upon getting out of a relationship, we tend to feel lost, heartbroken, lonely, and confused.  This causes us to wonder, where did everything go wrong? If you are serious and want your ex lover back, then this spell is the solution for you.

This spell is a combination of our Return a Lover Spell, and Bind My Lover Spell. The Return a Lover Spell will reunite you and a past lover. It will bring you back into a relationship. The return a lover spell will make sure your ex will come back to you no matter what has happened in the past or how things where left off. This also includes if they have moved on to another lover.

The Bind my Lover Spell will then bind you and your lover together forever. It will then bring two people closer together as a couple. It is also good for couples who have been together for a long period of time and want to be closer together.

Curse Removal and Permanent Luck Spell

The Curse Removal Spell will remove any curse that has been placed on you. The Permanent Luck Spell will always stay with you, and makes sure your luck never runs out, and nothing will hold you back from happiness.

Money and Luck Spell

The Mega lotto lover will help ensure your chances at winning a regular to mid sized lottery game. When combined with the yearly luck spell, this will make your odds all the more in your favor. We have had 100% positive feedback on this combined spell.

Academics and Binding Spell

The Better Grades Spell will make you or a loved one perform better in school. The Stop Bullying Spell will stop bullying for you or for a loved one. Together this combined love spell will help ensure the education that you deserve.

Customized Combination Spell

You can also choose up to 3 spells from all of our categories to combine together.

Our Coven works day in and day out to ensure the outcome of all of our spells including our combine spells. We have great feedback and love making people happy. Our goal is to make life easier on people.

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